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Our Story

Combining passion for whole foods, healing and healthy living, Ylive was founded 2010 by Certified Life Nutritionist and Holistic Professionals.  True Pioneers in the wellness industry to recognize the benefits of food as medicine,  Ylive was the first Juice Bar to open in Houston Texas.


Ylive is rooted in a holistic approach that works to heal the body from the cellular level up, increase energy, and achieve overall balance and beauty naturally.The Ylive message is delivered by educating people on increasing the body’s alkalinity, consuming an individualized diet largely consisting of natural foods, increasing efficient digestion, and intelligent, guided and ongoing cleansing.


Ylive works with clients to first identify what are the underlying issues that maybe responsible for the physical manifestations of food challenges.  Once this has been addressed; she works with you to design eating plans, recipes and tips that work for everyone regardless of lifestyle: vegan, keto, paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian or meat eater, though she emphasizes a primarily plant foods-based diet. Ylive teaches others to discover their ultimate health and beauty by following her principles without having to obsess over the minutia of typical dieting programs.



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