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Cleansing 101

1. How do Ylive Cleanses work?

You will receive 12-ounce bottles of various smoothies and cold-pressed juices.  Start the day with 4 oz (1/2 cup) of warm water and lemon juice, this will prepare and begin the bodies alkalinity.  Then start with your Pure Gold.  This juice is designed to cleanse you system, build your immunity and provide the alertness to start your morning.  Around mid-day or whenever you start to feel hungry; you will drink your Beet-ini.  This is our delicious version of a martini and will get your blood flowing and tide you over until lunch.  A few hours later or whenever you feel hungry; you will have your next juice and a Detox Salad.  You can have as much green salad as you wish.   You may also have a low glycemic starch during lunch such as a sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa (only if you feel you need it.  Listen to your body).  Remember you can eat as many greens and vegetables as you like.  You can also drink your Bone Broth Soups at any time if you are feeling hungry. Refrain from the cream based salad dressings and opt for lemon, oil, vinegar and honey or a simple low-fat Italian dressing (all natural/organic). You may also chose one of our delicious Cleanse salads to ensure that you are within guidelines of the cleanse.  Mid-afternoon or whenever you feel hungry you will have your Activated Charcoal Lemonade.  This will wakeup your taste buds and give you a burst of energy throughout the rest of your day.  You will then have the Detoxifier around dinner time.  At this time you may have another large salad.   It's very important at this point to stay away from any starch.   You will notice after Day 1 that the cravings will gradually start to subside.  Your after dinner dessert or last drink of the day will be your Strawberry Probiotic Smoothie.  A very decadent protein filled healthy dessert.  Be sure to drink plenty of water in between all juices as well. You can flavor your water with lemon or cucumber slices. Be sure to store all your products in the fridge for as long as possible before consumption.

2. What level of cleanse should I do?

If you’ve never been on a cleanse before, the 1 day cleanse is a good place to start. If you like the Green Smoothies and green juices, and feel ready to make a deeper commitment, you may try 3 days and then 5. You can always try a 1 day cleanse for the first time, then move up to the next time.


3. How many days should I do the cleanse?

Some people like to dabble in a one day cleanse to try out the cleanse experience, in some cases once a week, as part of a weekly maintenance program. This helps the body catch up and reset, and gives it a break from foods that are processed, and/or contain oils and salt. A weekly or periodic break, even for a day, can be beneficial for optimal maintenance of digestion and ongoing cleansing, supporting the immune and overall system functioning, and enhanced energy.


The 3-day  cleanses can easily fit into most people’s lives, as you can do them mid-week or over a long weekend if you like. This cleanse will help you reset, break away from food addictions (such as excessive caffeine and sodium), and begin the process of cleaning out your eliminative organs and building your blood at the cellular level.

The 5-day cleanses are longer, so the extra time helps your body reset in an even deeper way. These cleanses support the deeper rooting out of both endogenous (internally sourced) and exogenous (externally sourced) toxins, and cleansing out of old wastes and toxins which can build in your system and contribute to overall acidosis in your body.

Remember that while cleanses are highly beneficial to do on an intermittent basis, they must also be paired with ongoing cleansing efforts, and consuming the Green Foundation on an ongoing basis to obtain maximum health and beauty benefits.

4. How often should I do a cleanse?

Cleanses are wonderfully helpful when you feel you need extra support to get back to a healthy lifestyle, or if you’ve fallen far off track and are giving in to your addictions and cravings so much that you feel you need to hit the “reset” button.


Some people like to cleanse weekly, or schedule the longer cleanses on a monthly or periodic basis.  Ex: 2 weeks of 3 days cleanses or 2 weeks of 5 days cleanses or simply start with 1 cleanse per week.

Once again though, do not view any short-term cleanse as the ultimate in getting rid of all the toxins in your body. They will not. Think about how long you’ve been eating a certain way. All the toxins are not going to magically disappear in a few days. Toxins constantly accumulate. Use the cleanses as tools as part of your overall health strategy, but maintain consumption of the Glowing Green Foundation as an integral part of your long-term lifestyle.


For optimal results; you should make cleansing a regular part of your diet.

5. Can I consume Ylive products while pregnant or nursing?

Going on a cleanse during these sacred times is not recommended, so that excessive toxins won’t be released into your system and circulate via bodily fluids, which can then be passed onto your unborn baby or through your breast milk.


6. Can I go on a cleanse while taking antibiotics or medication?

You can always check with your doctor to see if consuming so many antioxidants and nutrients at once would have an adverse effect on prescriptions you may be taking.  However, since you are only consuming large amounts of organic vegetables and fruits; you should not have any problems.   

7. Who should not do a cleanse?

If you are pregnant or nursing, cleanses are not recommended. They are also not recommended for those with diabetes, blood sugar issues, those on blood thinners or those that have kidney disease or complications. If you are unsure if a cleanse is not safe for you for any reason, be sure to check with your doctor first before starting any cleanse program. The Purple Rain and Chocaliscious smoothies, which are whole foods that contains fiber, can be excellent for people with blood sugar issues, as fiber is a blood sugar stabilizer. You can ask your doctor about it as well.

8. Can I do a Ylive cleanse if I am lactose intolerant?

Yes. We are not only completely dairy-free and plant-based, we are also soy-free. Soy is another common allergen, which, in the United States, is highly GMO, mucus-forming and has many other controversial nutritional attributes.

9. I have a gluten intolerance, can I still do it?

Ylive’s Detox program is gluten-free, so are all of Ylive’s products and cleanse packages.

10. Can I put my child on a cleanse?

Children should not do any type of cleanse program while they are still growing. But children do fantastic on the fiber-filled Green Smoothie, the entire Ylive smoothie menu is kid friendly.

11. Where do I get my protein during a cleanse?

You’ll be receiving amino acids to build proteins from the greens and other vegetable drinks, including the Green Smoothies, Nuts and Seeds. Also, our bodies have an internal recycling system that recycles proteins on an ongoing basis. During cleansing, you should not need concentrated protein, in fact, it is beneficial to take a break from the constant cycle of digesting it, so your system can help cleanse and rebuild.   It is not a requirement to eat meat during the cleanse; only if you are a meat eater.  Do not be concerned  about protein; you will get plenty of protein while cleansing.

12. Should I continue to take my supplements?

You’ll be consuming a heafty amount of freshly pressed produce every day. You may keep taking a good, whole food-based multivitamin that contains vitamin B12 if you like, but we recommend not taking a wide plethora of specific vitamins. Supplements (especially synthetic ones), require energy to break down, and laying off them for a few days may help facilitate deeper cleansing.

13. How much weight will I lose?

The purpose of a cleanse is to help your body get back to a balanced, long-term lifestyle program. Cleanses can help break food addictions and jumpstart you back on the path. Quick weight loss should not be the focus. However, the cleanse will assist in flushing out fats.  You will lose weight, however, remember that beginning a good cleansing foundation is the way to get the real, lasting results as far as superior health, beauty and balanced weight.  Many people lose from 10-20 pounds in one month on the Ylive Cleanse.


14. Can I smoke on your cleanse?

Smoking brings in a lot of toxins into your body, and so is not recommended during cleansing.

15. Will the Ylive cleanses help me give up smoking?

The cleanses, combined with diet starts to cleanse out your body out of toxins that may have built up in your system. The experience of feeling lighter and healthier all around may inspire you to give up unhealthful eating habits, including smoking. As your body becomes more alkaline, the idea of putting something acidic and highly toxic into it becomes less and less favorable.

16. Will the cleanses slow my metabolism?

Our cleanses are not juice fasts. You will consume fiber at the beginning and end of the day in the form of the the Purple Rain and Chocaliscious Smoothies, which is a whole, fiber-containing food. This not only stabilizes your blood sugar levels but also helps to bind to and sweep out more toxins. If you want to become more naturally balanced in your weight and more naturally healthy and beautiful, you need to eat closer to nature. Nature grows produce with the fiber and the juice intact.

The fiber component helps stabilize your body’s metabolism, as your body will still be supplied with whole foods, but in an easily digested, blended form. Fiber-filled foods help balance your body from the inside out, and can help your kick-start your digestion and metabolism over time, for the long-term.


17. How long will my juices and smoothies last?

With proper refrigeration, your Ylive juice has a shelf life of 3-4 days (72-96 hours) after pressing.  The fruit juice blends, especially those with citrus (lemon) and ginger, generally tend to have a slightly longer shelf life than the "green" juices.  Additionally, freezing your Ylive juice extends the shelf life.  If you choose to freeze your juice, please let it defrost COMPLETELY before consuming to avoid a "watered down" taste- as water thaws quicker than vitamins.


18. My Juicing Tree juice looks separated, is it bad?

No. Separation occurs naturally, as we do not add binders or any other ingredients. Just give your juice a gentle shake and enjoy.


19. Why is the bottle filled to the rim?

Please open your Ylive juice carefully.  We fill our bottles to the very top so there is minimal oxygen integrating with your juice.


20. Why can't I just eat the fruit and veggies?

You can and should, however, the cold pressed process maximizes their potential and makes all the nutritious vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, natural antibiotics and enzymes readily available for your body to thrive from. Our digestive system takes much longer to completely digest and process whole fruits and vegetables; juice is able to deliver nutrients much quicker and more efficiently, letting your digestive system take a load off.


21. I am vegan, can I drink Ylive Juices?

All of our juices are vegan, and have a lower carbon footprint than options containing animal products.



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